Basic Skin Care Tips To Keep Your Skin Hydrated During Summer

A glowing, healthy skin doesn’t need any makeup to look beautiful .  Makeup is to hide any imperfections and if you have that gorgeous healthy skin then its not needed at all.

Tips to keep your skin Hydrated:
Your skin behaves differently throughout different seasons. Ideally, whenever the season turns over, your skin care regimen must shift accordingly as well with the changing environment. Here are your top skin care tips for summer to keep your complexion looking dewy and full of life:
Tip No. 1: Exfoliate.

It may sound counterproductive but, regular exfoliation will keep your skin looking young and fine throughout the season. Regularly exfoliating will help eliminate dry and dead skin cells from the topmost layer of your skin, allowing your moisturizing products to seep in more easily and become better incorporated into your skin. At the same time, exfoliating also stimulates the deeper layers of your skin to produce more collagen which are badly needed to fuel repairs, regenerate a younger layer of skin, and rejuvenate tired skin.
With regular practice, your skin will keep showing younger, newer, less damaged skin only. It makes your skin appear more even toned, makes wrinkles and fine lines much less visible, while also fading dark marks and hyper pigmentation.
Tip No. 2: Flood your skin with moisture:

Day and night, hydrate your skin. During the day, prioritize sun protection. Make sure that your morning routine is centered around this theme. Make sunscreen the most integral part of your daytime routine. However, even when you know you can qualify as the person with the greasiest skin, you still want that moisturizer to be part of your routine.
In fact, when you have oily skin, you have to make sure you supply the moisture so that your skin does not overcompensate when your skin begins to feel dry.
At night, make skin restoration and renewal the central theme of your regimen. To derive the most benefits from your thicker night creams, go for emollients, humectants, antioxidants, and moisture-binding ingredients.
Therefore, make sure to keep your sunscreen on during the day to prevent skin damage.


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