Best Hot Air Hair Brush Review

A  hot air hair brush is basically a better replacement of the conventional style hair dryer. Now, instead of holding the devices in both hands, a woman can use a lightweight device that dries and curls (or straightens) hair simultaneously. Hot air (or cool air, depending on the setting you select) blows through the bristles to dry and style hair at the same time.

best hot air hair brush reviews

Choose your Hot Air Brush

While looking for the  best hot air hair brush  you need to consider a few things.

Rotating vs  non rotating  brushes

Rotating brush  has a barrel that actually spins. These brushes tend to produce more professional results, but can be harder to get the hang of at first. 

Non-Rotating Brushes are simply round brushes that you rotate by hand as you style. They are easier to get started with, but can be more work in the long run.

Another shape for non rotating brush is the  paddle hot brushes. They are not very widespread because they won’t curl your hair even slightly. However, if you have straight hair and don’t want to spend much time in front of the mirror, you should opt for one.

Another interesting option is a hot air brush with styling attachments. Combo kits may feature several round brushes, attachments for pin-point styling, and concentrators.

Barrel size

The barrel is the round part of your hot air brush. It’s best to choose a thick barrel (2”+) for thick, long hair. Smaller barrels (1 or 1.5”) are fine for shorter hair or if you want to create tight curls


High quality stylers are mad from materials such as ceramic, tourmaline, or titanium. These will stand the test of time, and will be more gentle on your hair as well. 

Low quality models are made from plastics and other inexpensive materials. 

Bristles are also  made of a variety of different materials. In the highest end models, bristles are usually ceramic, so not only does hot air blow through, the bristles also heat up to help style the hair.

In low quality models, bristles are made out of wire and some are even similar to the bristles you’d find on a hairbrush.


Look for the various features  that come along with different models.  Some hot air brushes come with additional features, like barrels and brushes of various sizes or heat concentrators for setting curls.

If you travel frequently, you’ll want to look for a dual voltage model so that it can used worldwide without risk of damaging the device.

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush

This product offers amazing strand styling tools that will provide you with an amazing effect.  

The product has bristles that will enable you to untangle your hair, and oval shape will help you achieve the volume needed to create a stunning look. The comb is powerful enough to provide you with the right amount of heat to style your strands without overheating and damaging hair. You can straighten, give more volume, and shape your strands while still keeping your hair healthy and shiny.

The brush is coated with ceramic, so it will spread the temperature and air evenly, thus protecting your hair. Your stands can be dried and styled within a few minutes. The process has never been easier with this styler.
With a swiveling cord, you can be sure that your styling comb will serve you for a long time.

The tool won’t let your hair to lose its natural moisture and, respectively, potential heat damage will be minimized. This is the easiest way to create stunning looks and keep your locks sleek and healthy.

One pretty important thing that you should have in mind is that the voltage of this great styler is suitable only for the USA. It’s highly recommended not to use any adapters as it can seriously damage the tool and cause a breakdown.

hot air brush reviews


  • lightweight model;
  • easy styling;
  • powerful tool;
  • it gives additional volume.


  • pricey.



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