Plasma fibroblast is an anti-aging remedy where the skin is seared through electrosurgery, accessible surgical technology which employs a high-frequency electrical current passing through tissue. The pictures and videos of this procedure, also referred to as plasma skin tightening, are equal portions and mesmerizing. For anybody with trypophobia or even a fear of pockets, this could make you queasy.

trypophobia lips Plasma fibroblast

The small burn marks are created in rows, so all of them look uniform — providing the illusion of tiny little holes throughout the area treated. The word”plasma” comes in the light emitted — there’s not any blood required for this particular therapy. Plasma fibroblast initially caught my attention for apparent reasons (holes), but also since it is touted as a substitute for lip scrubs.

Per Plasma IQ’s site — a favourite plasma pencil brand — it is a”medical device which uses microbeams of plasma functioning just on the skin degree, without damaging skin, consequently, using a restricted downtime, allows to get rid of first signs of aging and restores a youthful appearance.” The concept of getting fuller, larger-looking lips with no need for injections is what is carrying this therapy mainstream.