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Nails can tell a lot about your health. Healthy nails are a sign of healthy body. If your nails are brittle, dull and lack the luster it means you have some deficiencies which need to be addressed. Therefore, a well balanced diet is a key to healthy you. Hygiene also plays a major role. If you are taking care of your diet along with following a good personal hygiene, you surely don’t have to go to any expensive salons for  mani pedis.

Following are a few tips and natural homemade recipes to care for your nails. These tips will surely help you get those shiny healthy, beautiful nails that you always want.








Soap and hand-wash liquids make your nails dry. A good moisturizing routine can really help your nails. Almond oil is a great moisturizer for your nails as well as your skin. While massaging your nails don’t forget the cuticles they also need due attention. Coconut oil is also very good option.


Using Authentic Products:

whether its nail polishes, nail creams, nail polish removers etc; go for good brands. Cheap brands usually use harmful chemicals that damage your nails or skin. If you use nail paints frequently then you need to care for your nails extra. Don’t forget to use the protective nail coat before applying nail polish. Try to use acetone free nail polish removers as they are less harsh on your nails.

Natural Treatments for strengthening Nails:

Going nail polish free is a good way to make your nails last long. Buffing is a healthy option. Although its not that fancy as nail polish but it protects your nails from those chemical exposures that nail polishes give.

Castor oil is really beneficial for nail strengthening. Before going to bed, rub some castor oil on your nails. This practice will make your nails healthy. Eating foods with vitamin B reduces brittleness; zinc gets rid of white spots; iron prevents ridges from forming; calcium keeps them strong; vitamins A and C prevents dullness and drying. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.



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