Simple Home Remedies For Cracked Heels

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There could be a lot of reasons for cracked heels. For example the way a person walks, poor circulation, some skin infection, fungal problem, nutritional deficiencies, especially omega-3 or zinc deficiency. Therefore it is important to find the root cause that is causing you this problem. Cracked heel causes can include skin conditions or fungal infections. Often these can be helped with regular detoxifying foot soaks or a concentrated salve.As a general rule, I suggest trying any remedy for at least a few weeks to see if it is working. For best results, try external and internal approaches at the same time.




You need to include some vital nutrients to your daily diet. Consume enough zinc, magnesium and omega-3s in food or supplement form. Vitamin-C is a must as it increases the elasticity of your skin. Drink more water and increase intake of trace minerals.

Your Feet Demand Tender Loving Care:

Exfoliate with a natural pumice stone, use a homemade nourishing foot salve each morning and night. Once the dead skin is gone its easier for the heels to heal. Therefore regularly exfoliate feet in the shower with natural foot scrub. The natural recipe can be made by mixing five parts ground rice or coarse rice flour with one part honey and one/two parts apply cider vinegar. Add almond or olive oil until the consistency of your scrub is that of a thick paste.  Apply to calluses after a bath or shower.  Alternately, you can soak feet in warm water fortified with a half cup of apple cider vinegar for ten minutes, then use a foot scrub or pumice stone for a similar effect. Do not expose your feet for too long in very hot bath as they further dry up your skin.

Healing Foot Mask :

There are many fruits that actually aid in the healing of cracked heels. You can make amazing natural masks for your heels with these fruits. There are certain enzymes naturally present in some fruits  which can also help to remove dead skin and also fight fungal infections. Fruits which are useful for this purpose include bananas, papayas, pineapple, and avocado.  Slice or mash any of these fruits and rub the exposed flesh onto damaged skin, or create a healing foot mask using a combination of said fruits and an oil such as almond, olive, jojoba, or coconut.

Moisturizing Your Feet:

Do use good moisturizing for your feet. Once you’ve applied a moisturizer of choice to your cracked heels, cover them up with wool socks.  This will prevent the healing treatments from rubbing off while you sleep and help to seal in as much moisture as possible and promote faster healing while you rest.

Remember that cracked heels may be the result of any one (or more than one) of the factors outlined above and results may not always show right away.  For that reason, it is recommended that you implement each of the solutions listed for at least four weeks.  Also, try one or two remedies at a time until you discover what works best for you.


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