Summer Skincare Routine

Skin Care

Summers is the time when most of the people experience problems with their skin. Oily skin causes more issues. If you don’t see any change in your skin texture then you don’t need to do anything extra, just stick to your normal routine.

Combination skin also has patches of oily areas which also need a little bit more care during summers.


Keeping your skin clean is the start of any good skin care routine. For dry skin you should use some moisturizing cleanser that does not over dries your skin. For oily skin, water based hydrating cleanser should be used. It should be a foaming cleanser so as to remove the dirt and grease from your skin completely.  It should be a gentle foaming formula that can break down the excess sebum.


A good tonner further take away impurities off your skin. A toner completes your cleansing ritual. Today’s toners use a gentler approach, turning to botanical ingredients and essential oils that work as natural astringents while also hydrating and soothing skin. Post-cleanser, swipe a toner-soaked cotton ball over oil-prone areas like your t-zone. Bodyshop has a good range of herbal toners.


Summers don’t ask you for a heavy duty moisturizing film on your skin. You should better stick to some light hydrating moisturizer. Even a lightweight serum can be applied.




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